Steering wheel cover

My TR6 has the original steering wheel, again a unique part of the 1969 model year. It is (i think) the only year of TR6 that had holes in the spokes. Starting in 1970 the spokes had slots instead, which are apparently less likely to trap your fingers while you're driving.

It's a 15" wheel and thin, which is in keeping for the time, but often replaced with a smaller diameter, thicker wheel more like modern wheels. While I admit that an extra inch or two of leg room under the wheel would be welcome, i like the original too much to replace it. 

The original thin foam covering was a little rough, with some chunks missing. I filled those in with black Sugru, which can be molded to fit and cures to a firm silicone.

The new cover is from Wheelskins, who will make a cover to any spec - in this case, 15" x 2.5". The fit was just a bit loose, i probably could have gone with 2.25" diameter. It was a happy accident though, because i could use a layer of foam bicycle handlebar tape on the inner curve to fill the space and fatten up the wheel a bit.

steering wheel cover padding

The cover laces on with heavy waxed thread, and you need to keep working the cover around to keep it tight and straight.

steering wheel cover

The vinyl covered dashboard is on the shortlist for interior work, it needs to get refinished back to the original walnut veneer.

This was a fairly easy and satisfying project. The wheel feels a lot better, and it looks great with the rest of the black interior.