Improvements in and around our 1909 house in St. Paul, MN

February, 2018

When i bought my house, the worst part of the kitchen was a near-total lack of cabinets. I mean, besides the 4 doors to the kitchen and the lack of home for the refrigerator. But aside from that, cabinets. 

Built in 1909, the house likely had free-standing cabinets for most of its life. By the time i bought it the only cabinets aside from the pantry were on the wall around and above the sink.

This is how much storage and counter space we had around the stove:

September, 2014

My house was built in 1909, and i'm absolutely sure that from about 1909 to 1930 or so it was a perfectly delightful and usable kitchen. After that it went downhill because here's the thing: it was never designed with a place to put a refrigerator.

This is a common problem with houses of that era and earlier. They had an ice box in the back hallway that stored perishables and a pantry for the dry goods, and the whole kitchen could be dedicated to utensil storage and works space. (Probably with standalone cabinetry, but that's a story for phase 2).