Improvements in and around our 1909 house in St. Paul, MN

bathroom tile

bathroom floor  before/after

plumbing summary

after pix


Kitchen cabinets

When i bought my house, a bad part of the kitchen was a real lack of cabinets. Built in 1909, it likely had free-standing cabinets for most of its life. By the time i bought it the only cabinets aside from the pantry were on the wall around and above the sink.

This is how much storage and counter space we had around the stove:

kitchen before

The narrow shelf in the left nook is a unit i built about 25 years ago for an apartment, and it just happened to fit. The small table on the right i built for a different apartment with the same countertop problem. It was a pretty lousy solution for the house, but all i had until 2017.

This is our cooking space now (get newer photo):

kitchen after

I built the upper and lower cabinets, including the drawers and doors, and the spice rack on the right. Pretty much everything is maple-faced plywood



maple countertop