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New camp kitchen

Posted on September 30, 2020

Our old camping box was starting to break apart at the hinges, so i made a new one. 

camp kitchen box

The old one was plain pine boards, nailed together and painted. I decided to get a little fancier with this one, but still pretty cheap and quick. I cleaned up and reused all of the old hardware.

This one is plywood with box joints, 1/2" on 3 sides, 3/4" on the back for better hinge support. It's both a bit larger and a bit lighter than the old one, with a couple of small changes. This one has a slight overhang on the top of the lid to make it easier to lift, and i added some rubber feet to the bottom, so it'll hopefully be more stable on uneven tables.

Everything from the old box fits easily, and i may add something to hold lighter things in the lid space. The lid folds open almost flat, so it makes a nice work space if needed.