TR6 work log

Task Date Completed Sort ascending Notes
Fixed license plate light

Light wasn’t working, sockets and bulbs corroded. Cleaned up, working now with new bulbs. 

replace ignition lock

The ignition key was a pretty sloppy fit and could be removed while the engine was running. Switch is fine, just replaced the lock cylinder with a new Lucas unit (with new keys, of course).

clean & lube speedometer

The speedo was sticky; slow to respond and sticking above zero when stopped. I cleaned the internals and added fresh sewing machine oil

Speedometer overhaul

Replaced steering rack mounts

Replaced worn out rubber mounts with urethane, repainted clamp parts

Painted air filter box and valve cover

Painted these pieces silver, they were red, but not the same red as the body color. The valve cover might have originally been chrome, according to sources, but I stripped the paint and it was not plated. 

Installed goodparts rear hubs

Passenger rear hub was getting loose, and increased noise from rear suspension. I installed new rear hubs and did a complete rear suspension lube, including all poly bushings, u-joints, and splines.

New Goodparts rear hubs

fixed convertible top window zipper

The zipper pull was broken, with no place to pull it through the zipper. I soldered a piece on to make a mount, and now it can by used by hand.

made new kidney pads, installed USB charger

The car was missing the panels that go on either side of the center tunnel, so i made new ones from 1/8" hardboard with foam and vinyl covers. It was fairly easy to make a pattern from cardboard and photos of original versions, trimming them to fit.

Once that was done i installed the cheap 2-port USB charger i got a while back. It's wired to the same circuit as the radio, since it's switched through the ignition and we never really use the radio anyway (though i'm reluctant to remove it completely). It's in the passenger panel, just below where the radio sits, so should be out of the way, and not really visible even with the tiny blue LED screen. 

The panels add a bit of padding for my right leg while driving, and the charger should be nice for music and navigating on longer trips.

Pedal box rebuild

Installed bushings for the pedal pivots, they were missing. Cleaned and painted all parts.

fixed turn signal switch

Fixed the turn signal switch, which had stopped self-cancelling. The switch was only 3 years old, but falling apart internally. 

Fixing a bad turn signal switch

fixed rattle

Not just any rattle, but one that had been bothering me and getting steadily worse for the last year or so. It would show up only when decelerating from speed, and hard to re-create otherwise. Figured out it was the body mount bolts on the rear shelf. I assume a rubber spacer must have disintegrated over time, and the passenger side washer was loose enough to rattle when that subassembly was de-tensioned during deceleration. 

It probably needs a replacement spacer or pad, but tightening the bolt quieted it down for now, and eliminated a few other rattles too.

fixed horn

I had previously disconnected the horns because they were honking intermittently while driving. I went through the setup and I think i had the horn bush upside down. Grounds confirmed working and bush reinstalled, and the horn seems to be working correctly now.

Wiper motor rebuild

cleaned up the wiper motor and fixed the parking switch, which wasn't working. Full writeup at wiper motor rebuild

new shifter boot

Sewed a new shifter boot from scrap vinyl. No holes in it now!

new brake pads

Front pads had some wear left, but they were rattling in the calipers on my last drive, so i thought i'd install the spring retainers that i picked up a while back. While i had it open anyway, i noticed that the inner face of the disks had a bit of oil from rebuilding the hubs a while back, so i figured i'd install the spare new pads that i had in my stock. It was an easy swap, seemed to fix the rattle problem, and better braking too.

Refinish wood dash

Wood dash was covered in black vinyl at last rebuild, vinyl piece missing from glove box, coming loose in spots. General wear and tear around the dash and gauges. I'd like to return to a wood finish, not necessarily original, but not overly fancy either.

Re-veneered original dash with bookmatched walnut, finished with marine varnish. Cleaned up gauges and touched up paint, replaced gauge lights with LED bulbs, replaced the oil pressure line with stainless steel, replaced missing warning light fittings. Added thicker o-rings behind the gauges so they sit at a better level with the dash - the small gauges were too low with the standard ring. 

Dashboard veneer

Replaced hazard switch

The original hazard switch was in place and connected but broken internally and seems to be missing pieces. 

The correct replacement switch is around $180, and the alternate version is the wider switch from a '73 model. I didn't want to make the dash hole larger or spend that much money, so I found a DPDT toggle switch with the right rating (10+ amps) at Ax-Man for $2.95. I made a new mounting plate for it and mounted it in the same hole. Hazard lights work again.

Replace oil gauge line

Replace oil gauge line with new stainless steel version from TSI. The current plastic one isn't leaking or cracked, but seems like good insurance while I have the dash out.

driver seat track

Driver seat was wobbly in the track, worn rollers and rust-pitted rails. Replaced with a new track from TRF, gained a bit more rearward adjustment.

Ventilation control wire

Original wire was broken, so vent control knob didn't do anything. Had to replace wire and trunnion clamp, but was able to just clean/lube the control knob. Bike derailleur cable is a good fit to replace the original solid wire, and stiff enough to function the same.

front spindle spacers

The brake pads get pushed back with sharp turns, making the brake pedal go to the floor until it's pumped once. This spacer kit should stiffen the front spindles to avoid that.

On the passenger side the outer bearing shell was loose. Replaced with a different hub, replaced all front bearings and seals, and did a general front suspension lube.

Front hub rebuild

trunk lining panels

All trunk trim was missing, need to buy or make new panels and install new carpet. Get and install new trunk light (make sure wiring works).

Made new spare tire cover from hardboard and wood, and a floor carpet piece from Ax-Man upholstery fabric. New original style panels from BPNW, trimmed slightly to fit and reinforced with some aluminum angle stock.

courtesy lights

The wiring seems to be intact for this, just the fixture was missing. Found a LED light strip and switch, designed and 3D printed a mount to fit on the gearbox tunnel. Trunk light replaced with the same LED strip.

New courtesy light

replace glove box

The original one was warped and falling apart, used  plastic replacement from TRF

convertible top cover

Was missing, bought on sale from TRF

rubber steering coupler

Coupler was cracked and obviously old, had red paint from respray years ago

Had to replace bolts with newer allen style because new coupler had all recessed bolt holes - old one had 2 recessed and 2 standard hex bolts.

revert to lever shocks

The rear suspension felt like a brick, wanted to see if lever shocks would give a more compliant ride

Got rebuilt shocks from World Wide Auto Parts in Madison, new shock links and limit bumpers. The ride is a lot nicer, way softer over small bumps but not springy. It feels like the rear suspension is finally doing something.

A return to lever shocks


Installed halogen lights,  got halogen light kit on sale at TRF. Much brighter now. Added a backing plate for passenger side where hole too large for screw. 

radiator shroud

Was missing, installed the fiberboard version from TRF

Door panels

Panels were warped and didn't fit well. New panels from John Skinner, ordered at the same time as the seat covers. Installed with velcro instead of metal clips.

Door panels

convertible top repair

Vinyl top needs patching or replacement, some snaps pulled out, missing some sealing pieces, straps gone.

Patched and reinforced holes where snaps had pulled out, replaced missing snaps polished windows, replaced edge velcro strips. Added the wavy washers missing from front bow levers

Reuphoster seats

Both seats need a complete rebuild: foam is crumbling, covers need to be replaced

Winter-spring 2018 project, finished both and reinstalled July 2018. Foam and covers from John Skinner, new dunlop straps from TRF, all new stainless fasteners.

Seat Rebuild

Bent pushrod

Adjusting valves because of extra tapping noise and found #11 pushrod bent. This is on the same valve where the rocker broke a while back. Assuming a persistently sticky valve.

Replaced pushrod with new, readjusted valves. Will recheck after some miles.

new tires

Yokohama Avid Ascend 205/70-15 from Discount Tire.

Headlight relay

Added headlight relay kit from Moss, headlights seem a bit brighter.

horn doesn't work

Horns were corroded beyond fixing, replaced with new ones. Installed new steering wheel contacts, horn operation is still somewhat sporadic.

steering wheel cover

Wheel rim is partially wrapped in electrical tape, original foam is splitting and missing a chunk

Installed leather Wheelskins custom cover, 15"x2.5", with strip of foam bike bar tap on the inside for a little extra cushion and size.

Steering wheel cover

repaint wheels

Wheels are a little ratty, clean and repaint in prep for new tires

Used standard silver wheel paint from parts store, pretty close match to original

steering column bushings

wheel is sloppy, turns hard

Installed standard bushing kit, adjusted steering column location for proper fit. Much smoother.

replace manifold gasket

Popping/slapping sound on acceleration, testing showed leaks around cylinders 2-3.

Used 2 standard manifold gaskets. Had intake vapor blasted, used slip plate on exhaust. Installed all new manifold studs, new lock washers and brass nuts. Much quieter, better idle at all temperatures now.

Replaced intake manifold water return line with new stainless version, was corroded and leaking.

manifold gasket replacement

replace turn signal switch

End of lever missing, replaced with new Lucas unit from BPN

gearbox oil

On further research, changed gearbox to Redline MT90, and it's shifting much smoother now

engine hesitation

Engine periodically hesitates when cruising at 3500 rpm or above. Fuel pump? Distributor? Coil? Vacuum lines? Try blowing out fuel line between tank and pump.

Carbs rebuilt by Mike winter of 2017, Bill rebuilt distributor. Idle and power much better.

heater control switch

Valve leaking coolant, replaced with upgraded Everco valve

Headlight wiring

Headlights only work when high beams are on. Installed new headlight adjusters, high/low beams working after cleaning contacts in floor switch.

door seals

doors rattle even though latches adjusted tight, especially passenger side

installed new furflex seal (from TRF) around doors

differential leak

Pinion seal leaking. Mike replaced seal, cleaned out disgusting goo from diff, painted, new cover gasket

front suspension

Shimmy at highway speeds, metallic clunking over bumps, vague steering

New bushings, new front shocks and springs, tie rod ends, sway bar mounts. Lower a-arms done 9/2015, remaining front done 5/2016


replaced 4 u-joints in axles as part of rear suspension project

Rear suspension

Rear tires rub the tube shocks with 2-people in the car. Check swingarm bushings, replace springs and find a replacement for the shocks; either original levers or new tube shock kit.

Installed new heavy duty springs, swing arm bushings, adjustable camber brackets, new shock mount kit and new tube shocks

rear hubs

Hubs have play, internal condition unknown. Rebuilt by MN Triumphs member Larry Berg.

Door waist seals

To help with rattling windows, reduce rattling. Used new seals from TRF.

Front brakes

Car pulling to one side, left caliper dragging

Rebuilt calipers, new pistons and seals, painted black, new hoses for installation. Parts from BP Northwest.

front suspension shimmy

Bad shimmy at highway speed, upper control arm bushings totally shot, rattling over bumps.

Installed new upper control arm poly bushings, new ball joints, new front shocks with poly bushings. Other bushings purchased, not yet installed; knocks are much better, but still shimmies around 55-65.

rattling door windows

Original felt is shot, missing outer door seals

Relined the window channels with velcro, oiled mechanisms

change gearbox and diff oil

Old gearbox oil looked hazy and green. Diff oil just topped up.

brake light switch

Brake lights are always on. Bought a new switch, but cleaned and greased existing switch and it worked fine. Kept the new one as a spare.

Diff mount bushings

It had a slight clunk when switching between forward and reverse. 

Rear diff bushings replaced with poly, greatly reduced clunk from rear-end. Will replace front mounts when diff is dropped for other service.

engine tuning

Valves adjusted, carbs cleaned up after stuck needle valve, rebalanced, timing adjusted by vacuum. Vacuum reading good, but a little bouncy, added seafoam to clean up potential valve buildup.

passenger seat

Doesn't latch in position, clean & grease. Both seats a little loose on the rails.

Cleaned and re-greased passenger rails, latch a little sloppy but holds fine

Brakes sticky

Left rear cylinder was frozen, overall evaluation.

Installed new right rear wheel cylinder, new rear adjusters, replaced all fluid with DOT5 silicone. Master cylinder rebuilt and new servo installed.

Fuel system

Check system for issues relating to old gas, fuel gauge is unreliable.

Cleaned and patched fuel tank, replaced fuel pump, new sending unit, flushed remaining fuel lines, new filter, cleaned carbs.

thrust washer

Crank showed excessive clearance.

Washer had dropped in to pan at some point. Installed .015 washer, slightly reduced to .013, had .004 clearance at installation. Some deformation on crank journal face, really needs a 360° bearing and cap in the future for better fix.

change oil & all filters

Replaced air filter, installed spin-on oil filter kit

Uses Fram PH3600 filter

clutch hydraulics

Pedal drops to the floor, testing showed hydraulic failure. Rebuilt on both master & slave units, hydraulic flush & bleed. Installed all new hydraulics & hoses, used DOT 5 silicone fluid.

Clutch disc seems fine, just a little chatter, needs a firm foot.

engine tune up

new plugs, wires, cap, rotor, condenser, points, fan belt, new breather hoses, new vacuum line for brake booster

test and record cylinder compression, crank thrust bearing clearance

radiator hoses

lower hose leaking, installed  all new black hoses & clamp kit, new thermostat + gasket