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New: TR6 work log, a running tally of work on the car, and the future todo list.

TR6 todo list

Posted on August 20, 2015

In no particular order, as time and/or money allows: 

  • new bushes in clutch and brake pedal pivots
  • rebuild engine
  • rebuild gearbox
  • new exhaust
  • electric fan conversion
  • replace battery
  • replace driver side floor pan
  • fix corrosion behind battery
  • new carpet
  • body work & repaint yellow
  • replace windshield gasket
  • replace seat belts with 3-point belts
  • install trailer hitch
  • install windshield washer system
  • fix horns again
  • install USB charger
  • install missing center under dash panels
  • make new vinyl shifter boot
  • add light to glove box
  • get original-style jack
  • replace convertible top
  • find the rattle behind the seats when coasting in neutral