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Plating power supply upgrade

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When i first started plating parts at home, i assembled the cheapest, simplest setup i could: a plastic solution bucket and a variety of cheap and re-used wall wart power supplies. I still use a plastic bucket for the zinc solution, but i recently upgraded to a variable power supply:

Variable power supply

It was only $45 from eBay, but it's plenty for what i need. It has variable voltage and amperage (alternately), so it's really easy to adjust the power output to get slow, even plating, and avoid the dark gray crystals that collect on parts (with zinc) when the amperage is too high for the area. 

With this, i can fine-tune the power really easily to adjust for varying loads, just watching for the coating. Way easier than finding a wall wart that's close enough. 

Anyway, a recommended setup if you're doing regular plating on parts of varying size. Quick and easy setup and good results.