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New glovebox, top cover, and 3d printed scuttle knob

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I'm still hoping/planning to rebuild my engine and gearbox this summer, but waiting until after school graduation and visiting family to get a little driving time in while I can.

In the meantime, i'm getting some nice drives in and doing a few smaller projects that i've been waiting for warmer weather for, and in some cases using parts that have been sitting in boxes for 6 months because i got them during some fall sales.

First up was the new cover for the convertible top. The car never had one when i got it, so i bought one when there was a sale last year. 

new convertible top cover
top cover-driver side
top cover-passenger side

If i had to do it over again i'd use some magnets to hold it in place while i positioned it a little more perfectly before committing to the first snap.

Next up was the glove box. This is what i had in there, the original fiberboard, and warped almost beyond recognition:

old glovebox

The new one is plastic, but clean and sturdy. I still need to decide how it want to light it.

new glovebox

The scuttle vent wasn't a huge problem, but odd. The knob at the end of the lever was partially melted, but there isn't other evidence of fire, so not sure if it was a fire or what would have done that. TRF sells a new one for $4.50, but i thought it was a good chance to try drafting something for my 3D printer.

old and new scuttle control knobs

Version 1 was a little too tight on the lever and a hair larger than necessary. This one fits perfectly and while i'm not totally sure the top of it is correct, it looks good and works well. If you want to print your own, here's the .stl file.